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Welcome to the Pure ART360 digital magazine, created especially for you for the love of art.

It is scientifically recognised that art makes us feel better…

Having many of the world’s galleries and museums closed for long periods, has served as a salient reminder to all of us as to the importance of art, artists and culture in our lives. They contribute significantly to our wellbeing, happiness, meaning and purpose.

Art and historical artefacts can elicit feelings of awe and wonder, inspire and motivate our choices and decisions, broaden our perceptions of the world and what is possible. Art is scientifically recognised as having the power to move, engage and awaken our emotions and inspire and instigate feelings of pleasure and joyfulness akin to falling in love.

Launched in September 2020, ART360 was devised to ensure we all have the opportunity to love and be loved by art, even in the strangest of times. 

The Pure Art360 magazine is packed full of inspirational contemporary art, created by living artists. We hope you will enjoy and your curiosity will be peaked sufficiently to take a closer look – view the artist’s websites, follow them on social media and contact them directly to discover more and buy. 

Art360 Edition 2
Daily throughout April 2021

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