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We know artists are finding it really hard right now

28 Mar 2020 6:35 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

So here is a list of some interesting and innovative opportunities emerging and information you might find useful - gathered together for your delight and pleasure by our very own Mollie Barnes:


The BBC have announced a new ‘Culture in Quarantine’ Programme for artists! Part of this is a fund for approximately 25 established UK based artists of any discipline to create brand new works in creative media!

Check it out below:



If you’re on Instagram you have probably seen the amazing Artist Support Pledge launched by Sussex artist Matthew Burrows. 

The rules are simple:


1. Post your image/s on your Instagram account

2. If possible use the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE image and text by reposting or using a screenshot.

3. Give details of the work and price (£200 or less and local currency where appropriate)

4. Ask for anyone interested to DM (message) you

5. Add #artistsupportpledge

6. Follow the #

7. When you have sold £1000 worth of work fulfil the pledge and spend £200 on another artist/s

8. If in doubt do it with generosity, that's all that matters

Anyone, anywhere in the world is welcome to join this movement of creative generosity. You create out of a generous spirit, so post with generosity and contribute generously. Please repost this message and with friends across the globe.



Use this time to get your social media going. We recommend: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. There’s loads of helpful information online on how to set these up if you’re not sure/ need a refresher. Instagram is a brilliant one to start with, though can take some time to get going. Here are our top tips:

1. Photograph all your work. We know this can be boring, but now is the perfect time to dig out all of those older pieces, the frames behind the chest of draws and those new pieces on the easels. Photograph them and keep them on your phone - then it’s done.

2. Get some posts ready. Don’t send them all out at once, but start to create a post on Instagram, then instead of clicking ‘Share’ in the top right corner, click ‘back’ until you get an option to ‘Save as Draft’. Do this for multiple posts so they are ready to go when you want them to. This is something you can do while catching up on the tele!

3. Don’t over edit your photos. Clients and buyers want to know what they’re getting - they want to see YOUR work. Keep the little imperfections and make it true to life. :)

4. Catchy but informative captions are key! Bring out your personality and let them sing.


We know you need inspiration at this time. Lots of galleries have stepped up the challenge of having no visitors by launching online viewings. To start with, check out the Google Arts and Culture App and walk through the halls of all your favourite large gallery spaces. 


Have a look for freelance creative jobs online for the duration of the lock down. Hastings Museum and Gallery are looking for freelance creatives to start creating resources for them. The information is on their Facebook pages. 

Stay home and stay safe 




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