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A quick guide to Linktree

28 Apr 2021 11:43 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

A quick way to boost your engagement, ensure convenience for your followers and allow you scope to drive traffic to different online sites is to utilise Linktree!

Linktree is a free tool used widely on instagram to connect your audience to all of your content with just one link in your bio.

Basically It offers you a hosting platform (mini website), where you can add links to a diverse range of content, not just your website. 

It is very user friendly and has some handy features. For example, it allows you to update your ‘tree’ of links ahead of time, rather than having to edit your bio link with every blog post, promotion or project, and you can simple activate or hide these links as and when it suits you. It also allows you to add video's, subscriber and payment links.

And best of all, you can customise your Linktree with your logo, brand colours and images.

How to get started:

Sign up to Linktree here: https://linktr.ee/
And register for a new account.

Once you are signed in you are taken to the building page. On the right hand side you will see what your audience will see, presented on a phone screen.

On the left click ‘Add New Link’. This produces a new tab, where you can add the ‘Url’ of the website you want to link to, and a ‘Title’. Utilise the Titles to tell your viewers exactly where the link is taking them, for example ‘About Me’, ‘Upcoming Exhibition’ or ‘Contact me’.

In the top bar, you will also see ‘Appearance’. Here you can adjust the background for your Link, as well as your Bio and Profile Title.

For ‘Profile Title’ we recommend entering your full name as an artist, or your company name. For Bio, keep this brief and to the point.

You can also add an image here. This can be the same as your social media profile picture for consistency.

When you are happy, in the top right hand corner you will see ‘Share’. This will allow you to copy your Linktree URL.

Finally, head to Instagram and click ‘Edit Profile’. Paste this new Linktree URL into your bio.

Now it is ready to use!

Go back to https://linktr.ee/ any time to add new links, remove or ‘hide’ links!

Have fun. As you get more familiar with Linktree you will be able to really make it work for you from a marketing perspective.

More on Linktree in future blog posts...watch this space!

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