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Managing your Instagram Feed or Wall

20 Nov 2020 4:13 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

Cultivating a successful Instagram presence...

For this blog post we want to talk to you about how to make sure your Instagram feed looks professional.

Growing your Instagram following Is a marathon, not a sprint.

The key features are consistency, quality and keeping genuine.

The first step is to polish your Instagram. Always think of your Instagram page as the front cover of a book, or the best of your portfolio. You want it to be interesting, clean and on brand.

1. Make sure you have a good profile picture for Instagram.

  • This should either be an image of yourself
  • An iconic piece of your artwork in your style
  • Your artist logo, should you have one

Don’t underestimate the need for quality in your profile image.

Avoid anything too small, intricate or blurry.

Making sure you have the right profile picture to stand out from the crowd is also really important! People can then easily recognise you from a comment or a story!

2. Make sure your bio is informative, interesting and up to date.

  • Use relevant emojis to add colour and keep it interesting.
  • You can use @tags in your bio but use these sparingly. ½ at a time. These can be used to tag a gallery you might be exhibiting in or something similar.
  • You can also use #hashtags, but the same rules apply. Use these sparingly to keep your bio neat.

“Sorting out my bio was a huge help to my growth. Making sure that is was clear, concise and told people immediately what the page was about” Mollie E Barnes - She Curates (10k followers)

3. We recommend using the word ‘art’ or ‘artist’ in your Instagram tag. This will increase people finding you through the Instagram search function.

For Example, ‘@janesmith’ could gain more traction as ‘@janesmith.art’ or ‘@janesmithart’.

4. Switch your Instagram to a ‘Creator’ or “Business’ account to ensure you are able to keep an eye on your analytics.

5. Tidy up your highlights.

Highlights can be quite addictive to keep adding to. We recommend making sure these are very tidy through:

Consistency is paramount:

  • Have consistent titles e.g. ‘Studio’, ‘Works in Progress’, ‘Exhibitions’ etc…
  • Cover images

Keep the highlight cover images consistent with your profile picture theme. Make it look on brand. You can create custom images through Canva or use images of your artwork that represent each of them effectively.

Organise your highlights. It can be a long process, but make sure to sort out what is saved into each highlight.

After these pieces of admin are sorted and kept up to date, we can look at the Instagram feed.

Go through your Instagram feed, and make sure it looks consistent and on brand.

You can go through the posts and use the ‘Archive’ function to save posts but remove them from your feed. You will be the only one to see these.

This can make sure your feed looks beautiful, curated and on your artist brand.




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