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Instagram - Final Thoughts for 2020

30 Dec 2020 9:51 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

Today we are going to sum up our series on Instagram, with some final tips from our Pure Artists

Do your Housekeeping

Keeping up with your Instagram Housekeeping is vital. Our blog post: “Managing your Instagram Feed or Wall” will demonstrate the basic ideas to polish your feed to perfection. Ensure each of your posts is on your ‘brand’ and fit your aesthetic to ensure your feed always looks beautiful. If there is something you really want to show off, but it would clutter your feed, utilise Instagram stories! They’re there for this exact reason. Check out our blog post all about How to use Instagram Stories.

“Focus on images but don’t forget the words”

- Florian Gadsby

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Keep Positive

"People want you to succeed and share your successes. Blow your own trumpet. We are very “British” and quite reserved by nature. But most people want you to succeed - they feel a part of it and can show off that they know you/ have bought your work.

Keep Positive - when you are a bit down it’s lovely to have friends rally round you but it’s not necessarily an image customer want in their heads and Galleries will definitely be wary. I bought a painting once and overheard some people talking about his work. Apparently, it contains symbols relating to his deceased daughter. I struggle to look at that painting now - think about what you want to stay in people's memories about you.”

 - Louisa Crispin


Engagement in Instagram is vital for a successful feed. It is SOCIAL media after all.

As Louisa says: “Build an audience, spend a bit of time to follow people, find people and interact”.

`Make sure to support other creatives and the people you want to work with.

Easy ways to do this are:

  • Follow accounts that excite or interest you.
  • Comment genuinely under posts you find.
  • Post regular content.
  • Share other accounts and features to your stories.
  • Tag people in posts they may like to see.
  • Respond to comments under your posts.
  • Like share and save posts.
Be Professional

“Be professional – it’s a public domain. DON’T post after a couple of glasses of wine. Re-read before posting. Take a deep breath – don’t rush it. Make use of the delete button.”

- Louisa Crispin

Your Instagram page is a reflection of you as a business, and impressions are important. Make sure you take your time to post each time, checking for spelling, grammar and tone of voice. Try to make sure the images are as high quality as you can. Only post when you are happy to.


Hashtagging is important, but not the be-all or end-all. Check out our blog post "How to use hashtags on Instagram". You need to get the right mix for you.

Hashtagging can result in your account being seen by more people through the ‘Explore’ page on Instagram, and help drive traffic to your website and you. Experiment with it and find what works for you!

Look after yourself

We all know social media can be an exhausting, time-consuming place. Check out our blog post on "Top Tips for Time Management on Instagram".

Throughout your Instagram journey it is important to remember to look after your mental health first, and practice self-care. This can include going for a walk, turning your phone off, unfollowing accounts that upset you or you compare yourself to.

“Don’t be afraid to go quiet for a few days if you don’t feel up to it - only your real friends will notice!”

– Louisa Crispin

And our final words for 2020 come from photographer Richard Heeps

“Don’t sweat it just do it.”

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