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Facebook - to use or not to use...?

15 Jan 2021 4:50 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

We hope you have all kept well and had a happy Festive period in whatever form that took for you this year. While it is a tough time for all of us, with a new Lockdown announced, we at PURE have been busy behind the scenes devising new content to keep us all connected.

As always, we are a group. If you need to reach out for advice, or a virtual cup of tea, please contact the PURE Arts Group Team anytime via email at lesley@pureartsgroup.co.uk or DM on social media. 

It delights us to be diving back into another round of Social Media Blog posts for you. These have been highly requested after our influx of Instagram information.

Today we begin our Facebook Bonanza.

We are going to begin with an age-old question (or at least as old as Facebook!): To Use, or Not to Use?

In the artist community, there is much debate as to the usefulness of Facebook over and above more visual social media platforms such as Instagram. We spoke to a few of our colleagues and incredible supporters of PURE to find out their opinions of the platform.

To begin with, we spoke to Nadine Searle from Calmer Self. You can find Nadine on our PURE Meditations 

Nadine is a great Facebook user. She told us that a useful way that Facebook helps her and her business it that:

“Facebook gives you free advertising so you can let everyone know who you are and what you offer.”

We also spoke to the fabulous Estelle Keeber of Immortal Monkey, who shared her opinions on the platform:

“Facebook’s a great platform for creating community. For allowing people to feel a part of something. Facebook groups and pages allow for you to share your message specifically to people who want to know more.”

At PURE, we agree with both Nadine and Estelle. You will know we are very active on Facebook, utilising its paid advertising, groups and events features regularly to keep you all updated on what we’re up to, and what you can get involved in!

We believe it adds to your social media experience. While it is not as obviously visual as other platforms, it is an excellent addition to your social media profile.

Facebook also yields a different demographic, and we all know that the wider audience you can reach with your art, the better.

There is a genuine sense of community on Facebook. You can connect with friends, loved ones, but also people across the world. It is a wonderful platform for longer scale content, including blog posts and artist statements. There is less of a stress to produce a ‘curated’ feed, because of its longer layout. We believe there is also larger scope to have conversations and to engage with others more readily; building quality relationships and have interesting, dynamic and meaningful conversations.

So in answer to the question, ‘To use or not to use’ in regards to Facebook, our response is a definite: USE!

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