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What you do makes a difference.

You have to decide what
kind of difference you want to make...

PURE Ethos

Enabling Aspirations  •  Inspiring Vision  •  Empowering Success

"The boundary of a contemporary art object or project is no longer something that exists only in physical space; it also exists in social, political, and ethical space. Art has opened up to transnational networks of producers and audiences, migrating into the sphere of social and distributive systems, whether in the form of "relational aesthetics" or other critical reinventions of practice. Art has thus become increasingly implicated in questions of ethics…"

 - Walead Beshty, 2015 

The arts help us all better understand and interpret the world around us. They improve our lives, ability to think critically and act creatively. They offer us the opportunity to communicate our most profound thoughts and deepest feelings more efficiently, helping us to heal and grow.

Pure Pledges


To be open, honest and clear in the way we communicate.  To dispel the myths that surround the art world.  


To do what is right - not what is easy. To create & nurture an environment for growth.


To be inclusive - to ensure everyone feels welcome, comfortable and relaxed in the creative context.

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness."

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