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"Our potential lies between what is and what could be."

 - Kim Butler

Pure Potential courses have been created to support visual artists throughout their career

Are you a student, emerging or professional practicing visual artist who wants to grow and thrive. Do you want to understand yourself and the industry better and live a happy and fulfilled life, confidently taking bold and inspired steps toward the life and career you desire. If you are, Pure Potential personal and professional development courses are for you.

We take you on an authentic journey, based on real lived experienced, from the point of just starting out with our Foundation Back to Basics course, which can be taken by anyone, not just artists, through to Master Practitioner. 

Our courses run online so can be accessed worldwide, in any time zone and undertaken at your own pace. They include access to a private facebook support group and regular group Q&A sessions delivered via Zoom to keep you on track and taking action.

In addition to our courses we also facilitate mastermind groups and deliver 1-2-1 professional development, mentoring and coaching. 

So what are you waiting for!
Dive in and join the Pure community!
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The Courses


This course has been designed for  those who are just starting out or those who want to review and reflect and/or reposition their practice/career. It is ideal for students, early career/emerging visual artists (under 5 years), those returning to art after a break or rediscovering art in retirement. It is also suitable for non artists who wish to see life from a new perspective.

You can join the Foundation Back to Basics course at anytime. 


This course has been designed for visual artists who wish to expand their practice and exhibit and sell to a wider audience. It is ideal for those who have been building their art practice for a few years, have some experience of exhibiting and selling and now need the confidence to take the next steps. It will cover context, courage, creativity, and collaboration. If this course is for you, register your interest and we will notify you when booking opens.

Master Practitioner

This course has been designed for visual artists who exhibit and sell regularly and widely and now wish to elevate their career further. It is ideal for those who are established and now seek significant recognition and reward. It will go into much more depth on all areas covered in the Foundation and Practitioner courses. In addition it will consider recognition and reward. Register here to be notified when this course opens for booking.

Mastermind Group

Pure create and facilitate Mastermind groups. A mastermind group is a mentoring group aimed at helping members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. 

If you are interested in joining a Pure Mastermind group, please register your interest.

21 Day Guided Meditation

Gratitude and meditation are fundamental aspects of the Pure ethos, and are scientifically proven tsupport people in feeling more positive emotions, improving health, dealing with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Nadine Searle of Calmer Self delivers a regular programme of meditation for Pure. Register here to receive information on her 21 day guided meditation course.

1-2-1 Consultations

Pure Founder Lesley Samms MSc is an NLP accredited coach and has spent the last 20 years mentoring and supporting artists in growing the career they desire. 

If you are interested in 1-2-1 professional development, mentoring and coaching with Lesley, please register your interest here.

How to Art Sell Online

Are you an artist who wants to make a conscious effort to develop your online presence and make a living from selling your art? Created for complete beginners, this self directed course is for artists who are new to promoting and selling their art online and need guidance and support in taking the next step. 

Disc Personality Profile

Based on the work of DR. William Moulton Marston, DISC empowers relationships and provides a deeper understanding of self. This offer includes written profile analysis only. A personal consultation with Pure Founder Lesley Samms MSc ANLP can be facilitated at an additional cost.

What participants say about Pure courses...

"Lesley is a fantastic teacher, getting right to the heart of what might be holding us back and helping us create vision and purpose. She is a true inspiration"

"It is quite eye opening, to get to know oneself much more and to develop more as an artist and as a person, with help and gentle guidance along the way and with group discussions, when required."




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