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Carole Bury: Feathered Haven

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Paper textile The feather ring uses hand-cut paper feathers from a paper used by calligraphers, called pergamenta. It is a translucent slightly off-white paper. Each feather is then folded and the spine curled slightly. They are hand stitched with vintage silk threads onto a Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper. Inspired by the softer feathers nestled under the flight feathers providing warmth and security. The paper textile investigates the warmth of the feathers whilst birds such as the beautiful Bewick Swan make their migratory journeys every winter, from Siberia to Slimbridge in the Southwest of England. These birds fly as family groups and economise on their energy by taking turns to lead the group. They run the risk of being shot at over hostile communities, and their feeding grounds for refuelling are growing less each year as land is cleared for new manufacturing centres or new highways. This piece is deeply spiritual, intended to be meditative, providing rest, security and a safe focus for anchoring thoughts. 31 x 31 x 4.5cm Box framed in a black wooden frame from sustainable sources. Delivery using Courier, insured and tracked.


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