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Carole Bury: Golden Feathers: Protection

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Paper textile Machine embroidery is worked freely on tissue paper, creating individual paper feathers, inspired by the flight feathers of Bewick swans. Each one is painted with oil pigments and varnished. Whilst they are still wet with the paint, I am able to shape the feathers and they retain their positions once dry. They are then gilded with Gold Leaf. The feathers are stitched onto a backing paper of Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper. A series of work centred around the Bewick Swan was made at the WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre and in the Studio. Running parallel to this study, was an investigation into the gold work of the Romans, the area where I live is rich in Roman artefacts and relics. I received tutoring in the calligraphic skills of using gold leaf – and this was transferable to the paper textiles. The treasure I was unearthing, discovering and enjoying, afforded me security, history, time and peace. It is intended that these attributes are shared, and pass to the viewer. 43 x 34 x 3.25cm Framed in a limed ash box frame sourced from sustainable forests Delivery using Courier, insured and tracked.


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