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The Wonderful everyday

4 Feb 2021 9:07 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

Apart from being the slogan adopted by IKEA, 'The Wonderful Everyday' suggests the ideal of living our best and most wonderful lives everyday. 

Living our best life has to be one of the most over used phrases in what we knew as normal before Covid-19, but what does it actually mean and how does its intention makes us feel?

For some it will mean celebrating the small things and the simple pleasures of everyday life, to appreciate the ordinary, and that was Ikea’s original intention; a celebration of how the little things are the big things.

For some however the phrase “living your best life” has turned life into a competition of being the best or better, and nurtured a belief in many that resources and time are finite and will run out – they will only be available to those who are perfect or better, those who work really hard and strive continually.

It places perfection as the pinnacle of human endeavour of purpose and meaning…

And by so doing it loses sight or the everyday of the ordinary of what true purpose actually is and is not.

I think Cathy Mckinnon’s analogy of the Apple summed this up perfectly.


As lockdown begins to ease, now is a perfect time to reflect on our true purpose, to consider what our normal will look like, taking forward with us the truth that there is enough for everyone, we are not in competition with anyone and that we will have as much time as we need to be, do and have whatever we desire.

If you would like to review and reflect in a supported environment why not join our Foundation Programme 

So relax, practice kindness and generosity. Leave space to watch the magic happen. We have choices, we can align with our true selves and let things fall in to place naturally or we can push hard and exhaust ourselves, and in so doing miss the beauty of everyday.

We miss the awe in the ordinary

Focus on the now – the present moment – leave the past in the past and accept the future is working itself out – it doesn't need your attention right now.

Give your attention to the right now – this present moment – the one you are living today.

Value being present in your own one real life
  • Notice what you notice
  • What can you hear
  • What can you see
  • What can you feel

Be aware of the self talk – of all that which has gone before that wants to make its presence still felt – acknowledge it – thank it kindly – and then move on, don’t carry it with you into the future if it doesn't serve you well.

As Nadine Searle said, be more dog! Accept your own truth. Keep things simple and honour your true self – what do you want today? What will make you wag your tail with delight?

Cathy Mckinnon spoke about Byron Katie and you can learn more about her and her teachings here - https://thework.com/

The school of work questions are:

1.     Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to question 3.)
2.     Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
3.     How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4.     Who or what would you be without the thought?

Other useful questions to ask yourself in order to stay balanced, calm and present:

What business are you in? 1.     Your business
2.     Others business
3.     Good business

What meaning are you overlaying onto this situation?

To contact Cathy visit – https://www.coachwithcathy.com/book-a-session-new

Cathy trained at the Martha Beck Institute - https://marthabeck.com/

Oh Magazine - http://ohcomely.co.uk/

Connecting to nature is a very good way of calming a busy mind and learning the power of being in the present moment.

Read this article for tips and hints on connecting with nature –


One artwork that celebrates the ordinary is Rachel Whiteread’s concrete house


Lesley Samms MSc ANLP

If you would like to contact Lesley – email lesleysamms@gmail.com

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