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The importance of movement for our health and well being

15 Mar 2021 2:26 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

Movement is not a choice it is a fundamental necessity.

It is something that should be embedded into our everyday reality.

Movement is more than just 'exercise'. Like hydration and nutrition, movement affects everything; our circulation, digestion, metabolism and immunity.

Movement, helps our bodies regulate hormone activity, detoxify and recover.

Similar to thinking about eating as a lifestyle not a diet, we need to consider movement not as a supplemental or extra activity we do when we have time, but as an essential element of our daily routine.

As with most things that support our health and well-being – it’s all about our mindset and harnessing the power of our mind so we can have the life we desire.

It is not difficult – it is just about FOCUSED intentionality

We can enable our mind to support absolutely any ambition we have and it's actually quite simple to do. We just need to set our intentions and focus our attention completely on what we want.

The Rice Experiment!

Have you heard about Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment?


Positive words can actually change our reality – it is scientifically proven.

Other videos experimenting with this concept:


Dr Rangan Chatterjee suggests we can harness the power of our intention to make even chronic disease disappear.


So as creatives, what are some basic intentional movements we can embed into our everyday reality to improve our health and ultimately our wealth – whatever that looks like for each of us.

We spoke to Funk Fusion Fitness owner Rebecca Tompkins on this very subject and she gave us a set of movements artists can do during the day as they work. Whether you work at a desk or easel or en plein air, these movements will not break your creative flow, but will keep your body balanced and support your flow.

She also gave us some extra floor movements to add in a few times per week to start building momentum.


If you have questions, you can contact Rebecca at: rebecca@funkfusionfitness.com

Rebecca runs a range of classes every week that can be accessed from your own home on zoom and she ensures you have fun while working out.

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