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What is Future Life Progression and why is it important?

16 Mar 2021 7:50 PM | Lesley Samms (Administrator)

Science has proven that approximately 95% of our daily thoughts come from our sub conscious mind, which means only 5% are conscious. 

If we want to make significant positive change the most efficient and effective way to do this therefore, is to go beyond the critical factor/conscious mind and change the thought patterns in our sub conscious while in an altered state. The techniques used in Future Life Progression – FLP - enables us to do this in a very relaxed and pleasurable way.

FLP combines, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Meditation. It is a guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency, allowing a glimpse into your future & enabling you to bring forth (amplify) that which is for your greatest good.

How can FLP help you?

FLP can help you to find answers in most areas of your life, including health, business, family, your life’s purpose, stress & anxiety, confidence and goal setting. FLP enables you to make decisions which are right for you. If you feel your life is stuck, on hold or you have tried, and failed, to remove personal blocks and obstacles, it can be the game changer that provides you with the tools to move forward. It can also help you make better informed choices and explore alternative life paths.

In this broadcast recorded live, Rae Calnan of Radiant Angel Energy takes us through a very short FLP guided meditation (32 minutes in to the recording approx).


If you have found this article helpful and would like to explore FLP further, please contact Rae directly via the Radiant Angel Energy website.

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