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Ed Boxall

Ed is an artist, writer, performer and educator from Hastings, a seaside town in the south of England. He writes and illustrates books. Ed visits schools and festivals to perform his poems and run workshops. He likes to work with all ages and always finds it exciting to help people bring out their creativity.

Edith Pargh Barton

Edith’s work is rooted in the observation of the world around her. There is warmth and humour in her paintings and sculptures that reveals a joy in playing with paint and fabric, and a delight in the unusual; of existing in between the real and the imaginary.

Her textile sculptures have human like qualities that people connect with emotionally and respond to on a profound level. Her abstract paintings depict landscapes that are familiar - yet strange; they are journeys into a dream-like place created out of personal memories. Her paintings contain stitch-like marks and staccato tacks, scratched onto thick layers of paint. Similarly, the surfaces of Edith’s sculptures are built up like layers on canvas. Hand constructed from fabric, the sculptures are painted, dyed, slashed, layered and embroidered with a wide variety of hand and machine stitches that echo her mark making in paint.

Carole Bury

Carole works fluidly across and between textiles and drawing reflecting her love and passion with the created world around her. Carole’s monochrome drawings emerge as a dialogue with the landscape, a dialogue in which she deepens her relationship with the land and finds its essence, referring regularly to repeated imagery. Through this deep relationship her mark making is pared down to an essential structure and language that sings.

From this essence, Carole designs and crafts paper textiles, using embroidery and constructional techniques, which have a beauty, depth and quietness of their own. The physical act of making is slow and thoughtful and in contrast to the energy of the groundwork that is in their origin.

Based in her studio in the Cotswold hills, her work is exhibited throughout the UK.

Louisa Crispin

Entranced by the cycle of growth and decay, Louisa captures the details on beautiful smooth Strathmore bristol board using ultra sharp pencils and graphite powder. It’s quiet in the studio, distanced from the world as she looks ever closer at plants, insects and birds. Texture, shadows, silhouettes and movement created with marks and tone, it’s rarely about the colour.

​​Louisa is a partner at Artichoke Gallery, a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors and the Society of Graphic Fine Art and a fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists. Her prizewinning drawings are held in private collections internationally.

​She also has links to the Royal West of England Academy, Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum, the Cranbrook Art Show, Pure Arts Group and Wilderness Art Collective. Louisa regularly exhibits in London Open Exhibitions.

Susan D'Souza

Susan’s artwork has a focus on nature, transience and seasonal shifts in texture and colour. Starting with observation and photography from large scale landscapes or small scale natural fragments, images are selected and translated through mixed media textiles, appliqué, paper collage machine and hand stitch. Often the work takes the form of a series or sequential set of images showing change over time.

Julia Desch

Primarily working in Fibre and Yarns from her own produced Wensleydale, Julia is a third generation Applied Artist and Designer/ Maker of Handknits and Interior items. 

A self-taught artist, Julia is constantly exploring and researching new techniques while remaining committed to ethical Slow Art using natural and hand-dyed material. She draws her inspiration from a deep relationship with nature allowing the fibre to flow through her hands in a semi-abstract interpretation of the original idea. Currently working on 3D Sensory Wheels as part of an educational project, Julia also makes a small number of collector’s items each year, such as heritage shawls, jackets, bed runners as well as large felted art pieces. 

Her work is held in private collections and commissions are welcomed. Invited to become a British Wool Artisan, Julia is a prominent member of the International Feltmakers Association, The Society of Designer Craftsmen, East Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and PURE Arts Group.

Brenda Hartill

Brenda's work explores the texture, pattern and light of the landscape, and ranges from finely drawn figurative works to bold, heavily embossed abstract images. Far the past 10 years she has been most interested in drawing abstract imagery from the landscape, rugged mountain erosion, structure of the land and the the dynamics of plant growth.  She loves the strong light and shadow of Southern Europe, and remote New Zealand, where she was brought up, as well as the gentler greyness of the light in London and Sussex. Many of her early more figurative works are still available, and are well represented in the portfolio collections here. She is based in her studio near Rye in East Sussex.

Rosemary Houghton

Rosemary‘s paintings are both abstract and expressionist. These paintings are trying to evoke mood and feeling. They are mostly landscapes of the sea and surrounding countryside in Kent. The paintings are expressing the light from the Sun on the sea and the water.

Gigi Lopez

Art fills Gigi with immense joy, it makes her stop, think and question; it moves and challenges her.
Travelling extensively and being able to connect with others has allowed her to adapt and evolve as an artist in the various stages of her career.

In her latest series ‘The Santos’, she photographed a saintly statue from different angles and created 'skins'. These religious figures were placed on altars in various parts of Europe for the congregation to pray to when the priest was unable to say mass. This androgynous figure was used as the main protagonist to express her take on some of life’s current affairs, such as racism, women’s rights and mental health.

Vincent Matthews

Alongside his work as a professional freelance Interior Architect, Vincent’s primary passion in life is creating unique artwork from his own sketches or from life.

For many years Vincent worked for Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler Ltd, as senior designer and Associate Director in their design studio, working on projects around the world. Since completing a Contemporary Fine Art course in 2007 however, he now divides his time between his art life and his professional life, with the aspiration of spending the majority of his time making art.

He is on the council of the SGFA, where he currently fulfils the role of Curator. He is a lifetime member of Pure Arts Group, where he supports the exhibitions and event delivery with his extensive technical knowledge and skill, and he is a founding member of Tenterden Artists.

Vincent can often be found with his dog Denby and his sketch pad in and around Rye, Winchelsea or Dungeness, sketching, usually with an appreciative crowd of onlookers. His design experience and love of the medium are evident in the beautiful rendering of buildings and interior landscapes, which are the hallmark of his creative practice.

Liza Mackintosh

Currently works and lives in Crowborough, East Sussex

Liza studied a Foundation Diploma at University College Falmouth; exposing her to the artistic cultures in Cornwall. At this point Liza decided to specialise in Fine Art, particularly painting and drawing. Consequentially embarking upon a BA in Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London.

Since graduating Liza has been selected for the Clyde and Co Art Award, the Lacey Contemporary Summer Arts Prize, the Battersea Affordable Art Fair Graduate Exhibition and the Womens Society of Arts at the Mall Galleries. Liza has also had a Sussex Life article written about her work.

Mary Clarke

Mary is a Ceramic Artist and Pottery Teacher. She works and teaches in her studio in Burwash, East Sussex where she combines her love of animals and working with clay to create her ceramic art. She is always happy to take commissions. All Mary’s pieces are individually hand sculpted and she specialises in both stoneware and raku firing techniques. As well as the animals she has recently developed a range of unique tableware that will be a talking point at any meal. Mary truly believes in the benefits that making art can bring regardless of individual experience or ability. She loves to share her knowledge and skills through her pottery lessons. They are creative, inspirational and a wonderful way to relax and for anyone to spend time away from their everyday busy lives.

Shelley C Rose

Reworking one of the great themes, Shelley creates compositions combining the style of the old masters with new interpretation using modern technology. The viewer is faced with familiar objects, yet his compositions hold visual surprises. 

Shelley began his artistic career as a printmaker for the distinguished artist Michael Rothenstein RA in the early 70’s, and went on to teach at Goldsmith and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. His work has been shown in London including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and he participates in art fairs in London and the South-East. He has won the John Purcell Paper Award for Outstanding Printmaking and the Aberystwyth Purchase Prize. 

Work by Shelley is held in public and private collections. 

His silkscreen print ‘Move to White’ is part of the British Museum Print and Drawing Collection.

Juliette Scott

Juliette creates art with her camera and enjoys hand-finishing select printed images with gold or coloured metal leaf.  She adopts varying photography techniques which include using a macro lens and a light pad, multiple exposure photography and intentional camera movement.  She loves the entire photography process, from making the image in camera, to carefully using digital post-processing skills, to finally embellishing her printed images. 

Juliette’s life has a centred around art and her ongoing fascination with colour.  She has a degree in History of Art and worked for Bonhams Auction House in London.  She relocated to Northumberland in the nineties and took a long distance diploma course with KLC School of Design.  She set up her own interior design practice where she worked on both commercial and residential projects for 15 years.

During the last few years Juliette has been working consistently on her photography and is thrilled to be able to concentrate on this rewarding art form. Her photographic artwork has been included in several exhibitions nationwide.  She welcomes commissions from both individuals and from interior designers and is always delighted to see her work in private homes or in commercial settings. 

Fran White

Passionate about Art and Textiles, especially of the woven kind, Fran began her creative journey as a weaver. Having trained initially as a linen weaver, she went on to commission short lengths of woven linen fabric to her own design from Mills in Ireland, Scotland and Belgium. These linens have been used in Interiors, for clothing and have also starred in 3 films, Mr Turner, Mr Holmes and Brightstar. 

More recently, as Fran has transitioned into semi retirement, she has been rediscovering her love of painting. From her home studio near Horsham she creates artwork in a contemporary abstract style, working across a broad range of media including acrylic and graphite on both stretched and un-stretched canvas, board, paper, card, and, occasionally, her own linen fabric. Fran’s current body of work is based on an investigative enquiry into women and books, specifically women reading books.

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