Application fee

All submitting artists will pay £65 (or equivalent) for their magazine entry. From the artists who submit, approximately 30 will be invited to GO LIVE. These selected individuals will pay a further £95 (or equivalent) broadcasting fee. Further fees will apply if an artists commissions our professional team to live stream from their studio or create a film on their behalf. More details below on application fee, discounts and optional additional costs.

What to submit

  • Images of your work (min 1 - max 3) and an Image of yourself working or with your artwork. Minimum 1Mb and at least 9cm on its shortest side.
  • 100 words max about yourself and your practice. 
  • Website and social media links


Applications are currently closed

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What does it cost?


Pure ART360 April 2021 application and magazine fee


*Pure members receive a 10% discount - code to be supplied

 LIVE Broadcast

If artist is selected*


Additional fee if artist requires Pure to live stream from their location: from £400

*Approximately 30 artists will be selected for this aspect. Artists can opt out of participation


Additional fee if artist requires a professional video created: from £600

 Artwork Sales

If artist manages own artwork sales: 0% commission

Additional fee if Pure manages artwork sales on behalf of the artist: 40% commission

Additional fee if artist accepts Pure Exhibition invitation: hanging fee* of £100 and 35% commission

*Pure Clubhouse members receive a 50% discount on hanging fees. 
Pure Gold members do not pay hanging fees.

Do I need to be a member of PURE to take part? 

No, however Pure members will receive a 10% discount on the Pure ART360 application fee and will also be included in additional features in the ISSUU digital magazine. 

Is this only for professional artists?

No, it is open to all visual artists worldwide

Can well-being practitioners, galleries, schools or art studios take part?

Yes they can. Please contact for further details


I’m not a UK based artist – can I still apply?

Yes you can

And how will that work if I am selected for a physical exhibition?

If you are selected to take part in a physical exhibition we will confirm delivery and collection arrangements nearer the time.

How many artists will be selected?

A maximum of 100 artists will be able to take part per edition and have a single page in the ISSUU magazine featuring up to 4 images. From these 100, approximately 30 will be invited to take part in the live broadcast element.


What is the ISSUU digital magazine?

ISSUU is a digital magazine platform that enables us to create a multi media, searchable, page turning magazine experience for the viewer. ISSUU has millions of users across the globe. It also has an app for on the go viewing and is simple to share across social media. 


What will the live broadcast include? 

Each live broadcast will be between 45 minutes and 1 hour in duration. A pre-recorded video created in advance, either by the artists themselves or our professional team, will preview on social media earlier in the day, followed by a live broadcast and Q&A between the artist and one of the Pure team. 

Can I elect to have my broadcast pre-recorded?

We encourage all artists selected for the live broadcasts to embrace the opportunity, however, if there is a specific reason why you can't broadcast live we will consider a pre record option, but, this must be agreed in advance, prior to the broadcast schedule being published.

Can I request a content theme or subject for my broadcast?

Yes. Selected artists will be invited to choose from a range of options in advance. Options will include (but are not limited to); personal journey interview; demonstration; curated tour; show and tell; workshop....

How will the live broadcasts work?

The live broadcast will be delivered via the platform. The platform is very user friendly and allows screen sharing. It also allows for HD download of all broadcasts.


How will the live broadcasts be promoted?

The full schedule of broadcasts will be promoted on the Pure websites, in the ISSUU digital Magazine and on social media. Following each days live broadcast, the HD recording will also be downloaded and added to the Pure ART360 website page and Youtube channel, for further viewing and promotion.


What equipment will I need if I am selected as 1 of the live broadcast artists?

You will need access to a device that has a microphone and camera. Most desk and laptops now have these built in. Clearly the better quality equipment you have the better quality images of your studio we will be able to convey to the audience. You will also need wired headphones and access to wifi for the live broadcast element. This does not need to be in your studio, although this would be preferable. 

* Crowdcast is not compatible with Safari, so you will require access to Chrome. Older IPads have also been found to be incompatible with the Crowdcast platform.


I've never done a live broadcast before - what help is available?

We use an online platform called Crowdcast, and can assure you that it is very user friendly. We did our first live broadcast ever at the beginning of March 2020 and now we are seeing viewing figures in excess of 15,000 people per broadcast! If we can do it, we promise you it must be easy.

Crowdcast have a ‘green room’ to allow time for you to set up, get comfortable and test all your kit, before going live.

If you feel you need additional help we will be able to provide this at additional cost, to be agreed in advance.


Can I decline to be part of the live broadcasts even if I am selected?



What is the deadline?

Deadline for Art360 2021 is when 100 applications are received or 16 January 2021, whichever is sooner. Apply here for Art360 2021


Will submission close before the deadline?

The maximum submissions we will take for any ART360 event is 100.


What elements should I apply for?

Your submission guarantees you a page in the ISSUU digital magazine. It also gives you the opportunity to be selected as 1 of the live Broadcasts and to be selected for a physical exhibition.


How much does it cost to participate? 

All submitting artists will pay £65 (or equivalent) and be guaranteed a page in the ISSUU digital magazine and inclusion in all social media activity.

From the maximum 100 artists who submit, approximately 30 will be selected by an invited panel to GO LIVE via Crowdcast from their studios, and these selected individuals will pay a further £95 (or equivalent) broadcasting fee.

If any artists commission our professional team to live stream from their studio or create a film on their behalf, additional fees will apply. Fees start from £600 and will depend on length of film required and location of filming.

* Additional fees will be payable for any additional opportunities artists select, including courses and exhibitions 


How do I pay?

Payment will be made via Paypal

I don't have a PayPal account – can I still submit?

Yes, you can sign in as a PayPal guest and pay by credit or debit card


Can I enter work that has been shown elsewhere?


Can I enter work that has already sold or is not for sale?

Yes you can, because this is an opportunity to showcase your very best work. The selectors will also take these images into account when choosing the 30 artists to GO LIVE. However, this is also an opportunity to sell, so we would encourage you to have some art work of a similar style available for sale, should you be contacted by potential buyers.


What media can I enter?

Any media of your choice, but we do not accept crafts such as candles or soft furnishings.  See our terms & conditions for further details


Will the work I enter here need to be kept aside for a later physical exhibition?

No, however, if you are selected to participate in a physical exhibition, we will expect you to exhibit artwork of a similar quality and style.


Are there any size/price limitations to the work?

Not for the online element. 

We will notify all requirements for physical exhibitions where relevant.


Will I still be considered for a physical exhibition even if I'm not selected as 1 of the 30?

Yes. All submitting artists will be considered for possible inclusion in a physical exhibition.


Will there be additional costs for participation in a physical exhibition?

Yes. These will be notified when venue and dates have been confirmed. If these costs exceed your budget you will be under no obligation to participate. 


Who are the 2021 selectors?

Maxine Laceby - Founder of Absolute Collagen

Daniel Merriam - Artist

Lesley Samms - Founder of Pure Arts Group


How will I know if I’ve been selected for the live broadcast?

We will email you to notify you of your selection and scheduled broadcast date.


How will I know if I have been selected for a physical exhibition?

We will notify you by email.


Will there be a second round of selection subject to video quality supplied?



How do I sell my artwork?

All links in the ISSUU magazine will be live hyper links taking buyers directly to your selling platforms. If you are selected to GO LIVE – you will speak directly to your audience as you would in your studio and people will be directed by you how to buy; be this via your website, online marketplaces or galleries that present your artwork or via your social media channels.


Is sales commission payable?

No sales commission is payable for the online event unless artists elect for Pure to manage any sales on their behalf, in which case it will be 40%.

Sales commission will be payable on work exhibited at physical exhibitions. We will confirm the rate of commission for this aspect in due course, however, we can confirm it will not exceed 40%.


How will sales be handled?

Sales for the online element will be handled directly by the artists themselves unless they elect for Pure to handle for them.

All physical exhibition sales will be handled by Pure.


What image quality do you require for the ISSUU magazine?

For advice on how to photograph your artwork:



Aim for as high a resolution image as possible. We would advise minimum 1Mb and measuring 9cm on its shortest side 

Please remember to put your name in the jpeg before you upload it.


What happens if I don’t have an image of me working in my studio or with my artwork?

If you don't have an image you can submit an image of yourself in a creative context.


Does the studio in the image have to be the workspace I will broadcast from if I am selected as 1 of the 30?



Will there be a discount for Pure members

A 10% discount on the submission fee will be applicable for Pure members


How will ART 360 be promoted and advertised?

Pure ART360 will have a dedicated website, on which the participating artists will be promoted, the magazine will be viewable together with the broadcasts. This information will also be replicated on the Pure website for the duration of each event.

ART360 will be publicised to our mailing list in excess of 10,000 subscribers.

ART360 will also be promoted across the following social media platforms, supplemented by paid advertising targeting a worldwide audience.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The event will have its own hashtags ‘#purepresents’ and ‘#pureart360’ which we will integrate into the Pure website.

We will deliver a range of promotional activity during September to stimulate and drive audience engagement.

The digital event will be preceded by a live broadcast Private View event. 

We will continue to advertise as we do currently in printed media when it is available.


Physical Exhibitions

Publicity for the physical exhibitions will be detailed once the venues and logistics have been finalised, but will include all of the above.


Art360 FAQs



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