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    • 12 Jul 2020
    • 1:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • 4 Oct 2020
    • 1:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings

    Exhibiting Artists: Will Taylor RBA, Shelley Rose and Edith Barton

    More information coming soon...

    • 27 Aug 2020
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 5 Jan 2021
    • (UTC-00:00)
    • The Smallholding, Ranters Lane, Kilndown

    Angela, known to all as Gigi, is a contemporary artist.

    She says about her work - 

    "ART, as well as filling me with immense joy, makes me stop and think, question and educate, there is a world full of endless possibilities out there that we have only scrapped the surface of! Through the use of acrylics and mixed media I revel in my abstract and contemporary world of stenciling, skins, texture, numbers, photographs and collage. I have been extremely fortunate over the years, through extensive travel and connecting with others, to experience the passion and intrigue that art offers me and I hope to share some of that passion with you. In my latest series…the Santos, a religious statue was placed on the alter in different parts of Europe, for the congregation to pray to when the priest was unable to say mass. I photographed its face to create a skin and used the androgynous figure as the main subject of some of the worlds past and current affairs, Racism, Women’s Rights and Mental Health. Its companion the pig, confronts the viewer with slight unease and disengagement from every day life and reality where one might ask ‘why is it there?’! The chandelier, also present in all of my creations endeavors to shed light on the issues highlighted. I would like to think that I am sending a message of integrity and goodness in the form of my paintings…but you can decide…let’s make a connection?"


    • 7 Oct 2020
    • 10:00 AM (UTC+01:00)
    • 10 Jan 2021
    • 10:00 AM (UTC-00:00)
    • The Curlew, Junction Road, Bodiam

    Exhibiting Artists: Louisa Crispin SGFA, Brenda Hartill RE, Jonathan Hateley

    More information coming soon...

Upcoming Events

  • 4 Jul 2020
    The Curlew, Junction Road, Bodiam TN32 5UY
  • 12 Jul 2020 1:00 PM
    Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings
  • 27 Aug 2020
    The Smallholding, Ranters Lane, Kilndown
  • 7 Oct 2020 10:00 AM
    The Curlew, Junction Road, Bodiam




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